Audit Commission Report

Orwell Housing Association recently underwent an inspection by the independent government regulators the Audit Commission. The Audit Commission are responsible for inspecting housing associations to check that good services are being delivered to customers.

The team of inspectors looked at the following services:

  • Major works
  • Empty Properties
  • Gas Servicing

For those areas of service the inspectors also had a look at:

1. Access and Customer Care - how easy it is for customers to use our services and how good is our customer service ?

2. Diversity - what we do to make sure that all our customers - regardless of their age, gender, disability, ethnic group, sexuality and faith - get a good service.

3. Value for money - are we providing a quality service that is cost effective? The Audit Commission has now published their report which includes ratings of how good our services are.

A summary of the results is shown in the table below.

 How Good is the Service? Assessment
 Access and customer care  Strengths outweigh weaknesses
 Diversity  Strengths outweigh weaknesses
 Value for Money  Strengths outweigh weaknesses
 Major Works  Strengths and weaknesses in balance
 Empty homes (void) management  Strengths considerably outweigh weaknesses
 Value for Money  Strengths considerably outweigh weaknesses

We are delighted that the Audit Commission has judged some of the Associations services as Excellent and a number as Good however, whilst the Audit Commission did identify our strengths, there is always room for further improvements.

Click here to download the Audit Commission's full report.

Audit Commision letter to the residents of Orwell Housing Association

Following the Associations short notice inspection, the Audit Commission have written a letter to all residents summarising their results.

Please click here to download or view this letter.